Talk about standout, how wild is this R32 built by throtl? They're always doing some quality builds and we are stoked to be a part of them. This R32 is stacked full of some of our favourite parts, our Group A style front upper camber arms, ABS delete kit, HICAS delete kit and all the other essential R32 parts! 

Whilst our original and main focus was on drifting, we still get such a kick seeing our parts in all different sorts of cars worldwide. From grip racing and to stance/show cars. We're stoked to see it! #gktech #throtl #r32 #rchassis
@drft_katsu with his very low VERY wide S13. It’s no secret that the geometry on an S chassis rapidly changes as the car gets lower, so using our drop knuckles not only provides a hell of a lot of angle, but drivability. 

Not just for drifting, we’ve got them for grip racers too! Awesome photo by @socalexpeditions
How's this photo from some of the final testing by @lukefink on our Z34 super lock lower control arms? Unreal! 

It's been insanely beneficial working with Luke on our Z products, on the lower arms themselves changes were made as a direct result of his feedback. Even to his distaste, we had to add a lockstop! 

What makes our Z34 lower arms so special? 
- Allow for 65+ degrees of steering lock
- Adjustable from +32mm to +72mm
- On car caster and width adjustment
- Designed to be used with OEM knuckle
- Strut mount recloated up to 50mm (adjustable) for caliper clearance
- Adjustable link pin/ roll bar settings
- CMM measured, CAD designed, FEA tested
- CNC machined ends
- Laser cut 4130 Chromoly steel design

To see more on the Z34 LCA's, the changes we made and some real life testing. You can find a What's Doing With Dylan video on our YouTube. These lower arms are now available! 

Photo VIA: @drivelinedigital
Unbelievably successful day of testing on our Z33/Z34 rear drop knuckles + adjustable upper arms over the weekend. Countless laps, wall impacts, car impacts, 1 x Work wheel and 1 x Rays wheel sacrificed and after disassembly today we can proudly say it's survived without a scratch and exceeded expectations in both performance and durability.

After such fantastic testing on our drift car we are now fitting them onto our 370Z for some grip testing at the end of the week, with no other major changes since racing the 370Z two weeks ago we will be able to see if a direct result is found.

More info soon but it's safe to say we are bloody excited! #gktech #z33 #z34 #350z #370z #drift #race
@nakamura_naoki_n at Tokyo Auto Salon with one of his S15’s on display, it’s been real awesome working with Naoki the past few years and even more awesome seeing his continued success. It doesn’t get much better! Photo via @shirtstuckedin 🙌
Another S chassis making the most of our high clearance sway bar! @aosan_blue13 in Japan with his S13! 

With our adjustable sway bar providing the highest clearance available and being a direct bolt on part, it continues to be a super popular choice even over in Japan! Not only is our sway bar in action here, but our adjustable rear arms and rear knuckles! It’s always so damn cool seeing our parts used in Japan. 

Thank you for sharing @aosan_blue13! Photo: @samestagram1212 #gktech #drift #japan #s13 #schassis
@byst500 showing off his sparkly paint AND his V4 PRO Superlock kit! 

I’ve preached about this kit and this guy enough but you know what these knuckles are about: Balljoint height lowered 50mm for roll centre and bump steer correction, offset caster trail, adjustable Ackerman, up to 70 degrees of angle available, lightweight at only 6.4lbs and more!