Zac’s NEW 350Z is here!

Hey there and welcome to our all-new blog
We’re a pretty small team here at Gktech and one thing we can all agree on is that we want to show you guys more of what goes on behind the scenes. This includes our in-house product development, our personal builds, and even a look at all the technical information we’ve learned over the years. We figured hey, let’s write some blog posts! Seems simple right?

That is how we ended up here with me writing this in hope that someone will read it and my boss will continue to let me write these (so please read them). I’m going to try my best here as it’s my first time writing something that’s not a caption for an Instagram post, so bear with me hey!

A little about us

It’s a little less common knowledge recently as we continue to grow but we are truly passionate about the cars we make parts for. With decades of drifting experience between staff alone and combined over 60+ S/R chassis owned over the years! On this day our staff car collection here in Australia consists of 2 x 180sx’s, 4 x S13’s, an R32 GTST, an R32 GTR, an R33 GTST, an LS1 Turbo S14, a VQ37 S14, a G35, a 350Z, 2 x 370’s and a R35 NISMO GTR.

That’s between 6 of us and not including staff cars located in the US or Japan! It’s safe to say we do live and breathe these cars.

It’s nonstop for us here with a huge focus on product development, we’ve really swept our in house engineer Dylan off his feet and have been hitting it hard. From small OEM replacement parts, bolt on angle kits and all the way to new hydraulic handbrake designs and super lock lower control arms. With a list that’s only getting better, I’m excited to show you what’s on the way!

Zac’s new 350Z

You’re probably wondering, what has Zac getting a 350Z have to do with all of this? I wanted you to really get a look at what we’re doing and this car is a great way to start off! Who’s Zac? Me! I mostly handle our social media/content creation but some people will know me as the dispatch manager as well. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience drifting all over the world including Japan, the USA and most recently New Zealand. As well as countless events all over Australia!

The most recent version of my S13 here in Australia

This car is going to become my new seat time car here in Australia, with a huge increase in price of local S chassis for sale and the inability to find parts for those cars I’ve decided to take a step back from drifting my S13. Not only are the body’s of these cars becoming harder to find, the running costs are right up there. I needed something indestructible, NA and easy to locally source parts for. The Z chassis was a no brainer, with drivers like Luke Fink and Taylor Ray having massive success in building these for seat time cars.

Unfortunately unable to be registered, but the perfect base none the less!

Finding one with our current COVID circumstances proved a little more difficult than anticipated. Until this black late-model 350Z came up for auctions in Sydney, NSW. Unfortunately, it’s been written off and is no longer able to be driven on the roads here in Australia. Fortunately, it was the right price. A huge bonus was the fact it’s an HR 350Z, not only does it have a much more aesthetically pleasing bonnet but it has a higher revving motor, Brembo brakes, and even an all-black interior for that extra comfort in the driver’s seat.

Late model HR version is perfect for us!

With a bit of side on damage, we weren’t phased. The exterior wasn’t our focus on this purchase and to be completely honest, we can easily make it far more presentable. Whilst we don’t mind a bit of rough n tough on our drift cars, it still needs to look good from far. In fact, we received our spare black door and side skirt before the car even arrived to us! It’s got 80000k’s on the clock and runs like a dream, we were hoping for a few cheeky mods but unfortunately weren’t to find any. Oh, and it’s a 6 speed manual of course!

With the door and skirt here ready to install, only a small amount of handiwork will be required!

What’s the plan?

Well, the focus is to personally learn more about the chassis in hope that I can share the information with you guys. I have so much (sometimes pointless) knowledge on the S chassis so I’m excited to see what I can learn about these cars.

Of course, I’ll be starting with the basic modifications that I’ve noticed everyone do. Bucket seat, steering wheel, bolt-on angle kit and a hydro! Then the fun can start, with a roll cage planned so I can drive local events and some all-new somewhat-secret products soon to be revealed! In addition to a regular blog update, this car will be used for our install videos/photos and A LOT of product development.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading. I’m excited about this endeavour and I’m excited to start writing some regular blog posts (No really, please read them). If you have any feedback along the way please be sure to share it with us, it’s truly the backbone of our operations and we will continue to take on any constructive criticism! Oh and check out more photos down the bottom!

Zac Bognar

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  1. Jason Clifton says:

    Congrats man! Please develop a cooling plate for the HR, would love one for mine!

  2. Scott Lennon says:

    Well written champ! I’ve recently done the same Zworld is a whole new world! good colour too!

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